Relaxation Activation with Nekdoodle

floating nekdoodle combo

Relaxation is the state of being free from tension; it is mental or bodily relief from any work or effort. For some of us, that translates to yoga, meditation, or a trip to the sauna. For others, it’s taking an outdoor stroll, watching TV on the couch, or sunbathing with a good book. No matter how you hash it, relaxation is a way to rest and enjoy yourself in comfort – all of which can be accomplished with the Nekdoodle®!

It’s been a long day and an even longer week. You’ve worked full-time hours, gone to school, participated in community events, sports, clubs, or a combination of these things. It’s time to unwind and take some time simply for yourself. Hit the spa or make your way to the masseuse and use your Nekdoodle® as a pillow or headrest. Its innovative material is soft and pliable, which accommodates for no constriction around your neck. The Nekdoodle® also makes for a great bathtub buddy if you’d rather kick back and relax in the comfort of your own home. It works to support your head and neck while you rest and recline.

Perhaps you’ve just expended all of your energy outside, jogging through the neighborhood or skiing or sledding in the snow. The Nekdoodle® not only provides practical comfort, but also functions as a tool for stretching your muscles and joints. Using the Nekdoodle® as a seat cushion allows you to sit and adjust your body into elongating positions, which increases your flexibility and reduces your risk of injury.

The lightweight and compact design of the Nekdoodle® provides convenient transport to and from the gym or recreation center if you plan on performing stretching exercises as a warm-up or cool down from your workout. You can even slide it in your yoga bag for use as a mat or padding for your knees or elbows during certain poses and positions.

Of course, the Nekdoodle® is an ideal aid in aquatic relaxation as well. Lay back and effortlessly stay afloat without having to worry about your head hitting the edge of the pool as you relax the muscles throughout your body. Put your Nekdoodle® on and hop in the hot tub while you lounge your head back or settle down by the pool and sunbathe in comfort.

The Nekdoodle® was designed with you in mind, as its one size fits most everyone. And, everyone deserves to unwind and relax. Your down time should provide complete relief and comfort. Rethink relaxation and take advantage of the time you have away from day-to-day work by letting Nekdoodle® do the work for you. Visit our website to order yours today!