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Relaxation Activation with Nekdoodle

floating nekdoodle combo

Relaxation is the state of being free from tension; it is mental or bodily relief from any work or effort. For some of us, that translates to yoga, meditation, or a trip to the sauna. For others, it’s taking an outdoor stroll, watching TV on the couch, or sunbathing with a good book. No matter […]

Vacation with Nekdoodle®

Yellow Solid Nekdoodle

With the winter season upon us, jackets, hats, and boots have suddenly replaced swimsuits, cover-ups, and flip-flops. But don’t be too quick to stash away your Nekdoodle® for next summer! While cooler weather presents a refreshing change, the quickly dropping temperatures leave most of us envisioning ourselves in a tropical paradise on a balmy beach. […]