Traveling is a Breeze with Nekdoodle®

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The most common vacation locations or travel destinations, for US tourists, are the Caribbean islands, Mexico, and Miami. These areas all embrace their centuries of ocean culture. Parasailing over the Atlantic in Miami or swimming in the crystal clear waters with dolphins in the Caribbean; odds are that you are going to be in the water if you go on vacation. In addition to aquatic adventures, your hotel pool is probably going to have at least one indoor pool.
For young children or adults that are not comfortable in the water, the bad news is that most companies who host water activities have inadequate water safety devices; you may be using a ten-year-old, outdated life jacket. However, the great news is that Nekdoodle® is very travel friendly and you can take it with you wherever you go.

It’s Not Just a Personal Floatation Device

While Nekdoodle® is a phenomenal standalone floatation and safety device, it is definitely multi-faceted. That’s just a fancy word for saying you can use it as a cushion or body prop. So, if you choose to go canoeing in the Everglades National Park, Nekdoodle® would make a fantastic seat or back cushion in the canoe, while being immediately available if an emergency occurred.
With the fitness trend that is booming right now, it is not uncommon for vacationers to start their mornings with a workout. A light cardio or toning workout can get the blood flowing and put you in a great mood to enjoy the day, or help burn off the decadent foods vacationers indulge in. The Nekdoodle® is familiar to many as a tool for water aerobics, or as a kickboard, and can be your hotel pool workout partner on vacation.
One of our goals at Nekdoodle® is to promote aquatic safety, especially for young children. We like to think of Nekdoodle® as a swimming buddy and friend to those who may not be fully confident in the water. Traveling with your Nekdoodle® may make the difference between little Toby wanting to enjoy a swim on vacation, or being too nervous to even step on the pool deck. One bad experience with the water, particularly with children, can have life lasting effects.

Vacation is About Enjoying Yourself Worry Free

Vacation frequently starts at the airport. Even with security measures these days, your Nekdoodle® will not cause any problems. The conveniently lightweight and compact design of the Nekdoodle® allows for easy transport in a suitcase, carry-on, or personal bag. Weighing less than 1 pound and with dimensions of just 15 inches by 16 inches, the Nekdoodle® lays flat and takes up little space. The Nekdoodle® can even act as a head or neck cushion on long plane or car rides.
Peace of mind is priceless! We pay a lot of money to go on vacation and enjoy ourselves. When it is time for your snorkeling excursion, it can be such a bother to find an employee and ask for a floatation device, if they even have one. Simplify your time and take it with you; ready to go whenever you please.
Starting the day off with a morning pool workout, hitting the beach all day in Hawaii, or watching the kids play in the cruise ship’s pool, your Nekdoodle® can be with you without a second thought. It slips easily into your tote bag or backpack and is extremely lightweight.

While you are stringing your Christmas lights and getting into the winter holiday spirit, do not forget that, in many parts of the world, summer is a year-round season! Tropical areas and heated pools show us that aquatic fun does not have to end in August. No matter where you may choose to hunt down the heat this season, remember to make the most of your vacation by packing your Nekdoodle®. Before you set out on your journey, visit our website to find your perfect vacation Nekdoodle®!

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