Nekdoodle® Neck Float

Single Gear: Multi -purpose

  • Use for aerobic exercises
  • Use for seated or standing exercises
  • Use as kickboard
  • Use as cushion
  • Use as head float
Lime Green Nekdoodle
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Best Quality: Neck Float

  • Made of high grade foam
  • Permanently buoyant
  • UV protected
  • Stay afloat hands free
  • Ultimate relaxation

Nekdoodle® Animal Pets Pool Toys Noodles

Pool Toys: Animal Pet Noodles

Recreational pool toy that doubles as a learn to swim, swim aid.

  • Bright colors and soft
  • Non-toxic
  • Vinyl-coated foam

Add to the enjoyment for family pool fun and create excitement for teaching beginning swimmers. Permanently buoyant.

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Animal Pets Pool Toys Noodles

Nekdoodle® Deluxe Pool Noodles

High Performance: Extra Fun

Have more fun with Nekdoodle® deluxe large pool noodles

  • Big Size
  • Round Shape
  • Fun for kids and adults, in the pool, river or lake for exercises

Heavy Duty – Ultra Buoyant

Add ultra fun with Nekdoodle® deluxe round pool noodles

  • High grade Foam
  • Vinyl Coated
  • UV Protected

Nekdoodle® Tote Bag

Nekdoodle® Neoprene Tote

  • Water Proof
  • Stain Resistant
  • Durable
  • Adjustable
  • 1.5” wide shoulder straps
  • 2 pockets with Velcro closure


12” x 18” x 5”
1 LB

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Premium Quality

Exclusive design, reverses to black. All-purpose carry-tote is great for travel. Use for the beach, pool, gym, airplane. Adjustable 1.5” wide shoulder straps for added comfort. Lightweight. Bright colors.

Nekdoodle® Swim Bag

Premium Quality Swim Bag

The fabric of Neoprene consists of petroleum polymers. This material is so soothing and smooth, making its way to the fashion industries which has brought them into a new era. Also, the fabric is very low cost. The Neoprene bag can keep your wet swim suits, goggles, GPS watch etc, making it safe from other things to be wet. Don’t you get worry if something spills on it as the color will not fade away and the stains too are going to wash away easily.

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Nekdoodle® Pool Cushion

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Nekdoodle® Pool Cushion

These poolside seat cushions are long lasting which comes with wavy structure all over its bottom. It protects your legs from dry hot concrete around the pool. This pool cushion also saves your swim suit from floor snags. The broad size helps you cover the legs and is also comfortable. The vinyl coated foam makes it easy to clean and can also be used at the beach.

Nekdoodle® Floating Pool Seat

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Being in the pool does not mean you always have to be swimming. Ever wondered about Floating Pool Seat in the pool or lake? Use this durable vinyl coated foam float while you chat or drink in a sitting posture. This foam pool chair keeps your legs and arms free while enjoying the cool water. These floating seats are useful for anyone who loves to lounge, get some sun, or have a chat with friends.

Nekdoodle® Drink Holder & Drink Tray

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float drink tray

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Nekdoodle® Drink Holder

Nek doodle Drink Holders & Tray are designed to keep all your necessary things right beside you. It consists of four different but same sized portions keeping your drinks and snacks stable so that the lounging would be much easier. Its coating of glossy vinyl makes the it resistant to the sun and chlorine so that you can enjoy your product again and again.