Nekdoodle® Neck Float

Single Gear: Multi -purpose

  • Use for aerobic exercises
  • Use for seated or standing exercises
  • Use as kickboard
  • Use as cushion
  • Use as head float
Lime Green Nekdoodle
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Best Quality: Neck Float

  • Made of high grade foam
  • Permanently buoyant
  • UV protected
  • Stay afloat hands free
  • Ultimate relaxation

Nekdoodle® Animal Pets Pool Toys Noodles

Pool Toys: Animal Pet Noodles

Recreational pool toy that doubles as a learn to swim, swim aid.

  • Bright colors and soft
  • Non-toxic
  • Vinyl-coated foam

Add to the enjoyment for family pool fun and create excitement for teaching beginning swimmers. Permanently buoyant.

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Animal Pets Pool Toys Noodles

Nekdoodle® Deluxe Pool Noodles

High Performance: Extra Fun

Have more fun with Nekdoodle® deluxe large pool noodles

  • Big Size
  • Round Shape
  • Fun for kids and adults, in the pool, river or lake for exercises

Heavy Duty – Ultra Buoyant

Add ultra fun with Nekdoodle® deluxe round pool noodles

  • High grade Foam
  • Vinyl Coated
  • UV Protected

Nekdoodle® Tote Bag

Nekdoodle® Neoprene Tote

  • Water Proof
  • Stain Resistant
  • Durable
  • Adjustable
  • 1.5” wide shoulder straps
  • 2 pockets with Velcro closure


12” x 18” x 5”
1 LB

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Premium Quality

Exclusive design, reverses to black. All-purpose carry-tote is great for travel. Use for the beach, pool, gym, airplane. Adjustable 1.5” wide shoulder straps for added comfort. Lightweight. Bright colors.

Nekdoodle® Swim Bag

Premium Quality Swim Bag

Neoprene Swim Bag

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Nekdoodle® Pool Cushion

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Nekdoodle® Pool Cushion

Nekdoodle® Floating Pool Seat

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Nekdoodle® Drink Tray

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Nekdoodle® Drink Holder

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Nekdoodle® Drink Holder