AngelFish Therapies and Its benefits.

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Angelfish therapies are types of water exercise. The water exercise rules against other forms of activity. You can perform exercises in the water that you would normally not be able to do on land. This is because of the water buoyancy keeps you afloat. Angelfish therapies also make it much easier to tone up your muscles. It’s also a more enjoyable experience because you’re in the water and not sweaty or experiencing symptoms of overheating. Since water training is a low impact sport, it is very easy on the joints. It’s easy to understand what the benefits of the angelfish therapies and water exercise are while seeing that there are almost no disadvantages. In addition to these physical benefits, water is an amazing therapeutic medium for children and adults.

Three major benefits of Angel Fish Therapies.

There are three major benefits of AngelFish Therapie that can get people with special needs away from water therapy.

  • Spending time in the water is beneficial in developing a sense of self that is transmitted to all aspects of life. Imagine for the first time, you have done something new and challenging. The satisfaction and the happiness of saying, “I did it!” It’s an invaluable feeling for some people, especially those who may not have the breadth of life experience that most of us take for granted.
  • Swimming is not only a hugely healthy activity but also a necessary skill in the event of a waterborne emergency. For someone with special needs, surveillance is always advisable, but accidents can always happen when you least expect them. Teaching a life-saving skill could indeed save a life.
  • Children and adults with special needs are often not as active as they prefer. It requires more planning and precaution due to their individual condition. Swimmers can be accurately and effectively monitored by a professional. Moreover, they are not as flexible as others due to the lower levels of activity; The water buoyancy facilitates movement and is less restrictive. Ailene Tisser and Cindy Freeman, with a combined therapy experience of over 40 years, founded Angelfish Therapy with one goal in mind: children who have a variety of special needs, sensory problems, and motor coordination difficulties, helping to reach their full potential through entertaining and challenging water therapy sessions, swimming lessons, and even land-based therapy.

Fishing fish therapy is an aquatic occupational therapy for children with developmental delays, gross motor delays and sensory problems; Especially those that affect water. These may include children with sensory processing disorders, learning disabilities, ADHD, autism, PDD NOS, speech delays, araxia and dyspraxia. They work individually with children, in small groups, in parent and child classes, and in summer camps to improve their motor skills and improve their learning potential. They are so passionate about what they do because according to the Red Cross: “About 3,500 Americans drown each year “An average of ten deaths a day, more than every fifth death are children 14 and younger.” In addition, drowning has been identified as the leading cause of accidental death of children and adults with autism. These are the statistics that keep us up to date at night and motivated to offer their Whisper to all water professionals and the swimming community in general. The work that Angelfish Therapy does on a daily basis is not a testament to their expertise, but rather a testament to the potential that each patient can become happier and healthier, regardless of their personal condition. To put your trust in them means to believe that there is always something more to achieve.


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