Association of Aquatic Professionals

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Every year, the Association of Aquatic Professionals (AOAP) holds a conference and exposition that attracts aquatic professionals from many industries, all dedicated to creating a greener, cleaner, and more sustainable future.

Association of Aquatic Professionals

The Association of Aquatic Professionals is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and its goal is to provide aquatic professionals with networking opportunities, education, advocacy and enrichment. The organization further seeks to improve the aquatics industry throughout the United States and around the world.

Everyone who works with the Association of Aquatic Professionals is passionate about the aquatic industry, and the annual AOAP Conference and Exposition allows them to share those passions with interested individuals from throughout the U.S. and beyond. Past conferences have proven very successful, and this year’s gathering promises to bring even more education, advocacy, and cutting-edge technology to the field of aquatics.

This Year’s Conference

This year the annual Association of Aquatic Professionals conference and exposition will be bringing its educational and networking opportunities to the TradeWinds Island Resort in beautiful St Pete Beach, Florida. That tropical location serves as the perfect backdrop, giving attendees an up-close and personal view of the aquatic world in all its splendor.

The 2017 edition of the AOAP conference gets underway with a series of pre-conference workshops on February 4-5. The main conference runs through February 6-9, and the post-conference celebrations take place February 9-10.

Conference Highlights

Some of the highlights of the Association of the 2017 Association of Aquatic Professionals conference include a stellar awards program, industry expert speakers, and plenty of opportunities to meet other aquatic professionals. Attendees are already looking forward to Keynote Speaker Mike Kinziger, a former professor, wilderness travel expert, and author of King Frog.

The festivities get underway with a series of educational seminars for aquatic professionals. The pre-conference runs through February 4-5, and it includes information on everything from environmentally friendly pool coatings and practical pool management, to risk management in the aquatic industry.

The post-conference promises to be just as informative, and even more fun. Following the main conference, the post-conference festivities run from February 9-10, with a fascinating training session on the aquatic sport of log rolling. From the history of the sport to its future growth prospects, every aspect of log rolling will be covered during the post-conference period.

Conference details can be found at the AOAP website

Based on the past success of AOAP conferences, aquatic professionals from throughout the industry can expect great things at this year’s gathering. Past conferences have included major keynote speakers from the aquatic industry, including travel guides, prestigious authors, environmental experts, and professors from the world of science. No matter which part of the aquatic industry you call home, you are sure to leave this year’s AOAP with great ideas, additional knowledge and a ton of new contacts.

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