The Nekdoodle® Makes the Perfect Gift


Nekdoodle® is the ultimate stocking stuffer for you and your water-loving friends and family! Treat everyone on your list this year to one of the most versatile aquatic products on the market. The Nekdoodle® can be used as an aerobic kickboard, swim training aid, aquatic fitness tool, and even a spa pillow for those relaxing soaks in the tub!

The Nekdoodle® is an integral piece of equipment year-round and with the holiday season right around the corner, there is no better gift than the Nekdoodle®. With a full range of rainbow colors, the Nekdoodle® and beach bag tote will brighten up even the crankiest Scrooge this Christmas! Having trouble narrowing it down to just one color? Make your decision easier by investing in the rainbow Nekdoodle® 6-pack.

Happier Together
Pair the Nekdoodle® with our beach bag and fitness DVDs and get ready to hit the beach, if it is warm enough, or that heated pool! Or turn any body of water into a lounge and pair the original Nekdoodle® with our Nekdoodle® noodle to prop up your legs!
Comfortable enough to use in the tub as a spa pillow and durable enough to stand-up to even the most destructive toddler.Pair it with an aromatherapy spa set for Mom or with some beach toys for the kids. Either way the Nekdoodle® is guaranteed to delight every member of your family with its fun design.
The Nekdoodle®’s vinyl-coated, salt and chlorine resistant foam construction provides users soft comfort and strong durability, making it ideal pool equipment for aquatic fitness and therapy. Its lightweight, compact design also allows for easy transport, while still supporting up to 300lbs. With its ability to reduce stress on joints, bones, and muscles, minimize risk of injury, and increase exercise workload, Nekdoodle® is a gift that everyone can enjoy!
Treat you and yours to health and fun in the New Year with Nekdoodle®!

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