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The Nekdoodle® Makes the Perfect Gift

  Nekdoodle® is the ultimate stocking stuffer for you and your water-loving friends and family! Treat everyone on your list this year to one of the most versatile aquatic products on the market. The Nekdoodle® can be used as an aerobic kickboard, swim training aid, aquatic fitness tool, and even a spa pillow for those […]

Nekdoodle® Workouts for New Year Resolutions

The New Year grants all of us a fresh start – a golden opportunity to set personal goals, form healthy habits, and adopt lifestyles we can revel in and enjoy. But it is no secret that initiating action and following through with our goals is often easier said than done, especially when it comes to […]

The Benefits of Water Therapy for Arthritis Sufferers

Water therapy is an ancient remedy that still offers wonderful health benefits, especially for people who suffer from arthritis. In fact, there is a large body of research that demonstrates the many benefits of warm water and aqua therapy for people with musculoskeletal problems. If you suffer from arthritis, back pain, or even fibromyalgia, you […]

Safe Snorkeling Tips from Nekdoodle®

Snorkeling is a popular recreational activity. Whether you’re on vacation in the Bahamas or road tripping with Florida waters as your destination, a diving mask, snorkel and fins are all the equipment you need to explore and observe underwater life in a natural setting (and get a little exercise in the process!). Although you may […]