Nekdoodle® Workouts for New Year Resolutions

The New Year grants all of us a fresh start – a golden opportunity to set personal goals, form healthy habits, and adopt lifestyles we can revel in and enjoy. But it is no secret that initiating action and following through with our goals is often easier said than done, especially when it comes to exercising. However, when the process is also enjoyable it is no longer a chore, but rather something you anticipate and look forward to. Nekdoodle’s durable and versatile design allows for an array of full-body workouts that are fun and fulfilling both in and out of the water, so you can stay on track and achieve your New Year resolutions this year.

Plank for Push-Up

Do not let the name scare you… while the traditional version of push-ups can be a challenge of strength and force pressure on your joints, this water workout is a great alternative. Begin standing in the pool or body of water with your feet on the ground and your arms outstretched to hold the Nekdoodle® in front of you in the water. Pull the Nekdoodle® in towards your chest and push down on it until you are in a plank position with your body in a straight line and your toes on the bottom. Hold this plank position, or retract your arms back up to your chest and continue to repeat the pushing motion.

Since the water supports your weight in this workout, it allows you to hold the position even longer. Keep record of the amount of time you can hold the plank position or the number of push-up reps you can complete, and set a goal to achieve more each time you work out. The Nekdoodle® also functions as a cushion for your elbows and knees when doing planks and push-ups on land.

Vertical and Horizontal Kicks

Unlike typical cold and rigid Styrofoam, the Nekdoodle® is the “warm and fuzzy” of kickboards. Its vinyl coated foam makes for multifunctional comfort as you kick across the pool or in deep water.

Grip the Nekdoodle® in the middle, on the sides, or the ends and hold it outstretched in front of you as you float horizontally. Work all muscles of your legs as you move across the pool with flutter kicks, breaststroke or frog kicks, and even backstroke kicks with the Nekdoodle® around your neck. Also try choosing a spot in deep water and remain in a vertical floating position, wearing the Nekdoodle® around your neck to support your head and keep you afloat. Begin by gripping the ends of the Nekdoodle® and alternating your legs back and forth in a flutter kick. Then, try hands free and get your arms involved by moving into a cross-country ski.

Increase the number of laps you plan to kick during each workout or the duration of time you hope to kick in the vertical position in deep water.

Abdominal Crunches

That’s right, the Nekdoodle® can even enhance your ab workout! Wearing the Nekdoodle® around your neck, grip the ends with your hands, and float on your back with your legs outstretched. Pull your knees to your chest, remembering to exhale as you do so, then release for a full abdominal crunch. To add variety to the workout, try alternating crunches from side to side, left side only, or right side only. Be sure to keep your knees up to your chest as you move from one side to the other so you don’t strain your lower back.

Remember to keep track of your reps, setting targets for each workout. Also, do not forget that you can also use the Nekdoodle® as a seat or lower back cushion when doing abdominal exercises on land.

Any workout you choose allows you to increase your exercise workload and burn more calories as it engages numerous muscles of the body and incorporates a substantial amount of cardio. Not to mention, all while reducing stress on your joints, bones, and muscles and toning muscles faster. Whether you are in your backyard pool, at the fitness club, or at the gym, the Nekdoodle® can help you achieve your fitness goals for the New Year with an element of fun and convenience. Visit for even more great tips and workouts. so use the Nekdoodle® as a seat or lower back cushion when doing abdominal exercises on land.