Nekdoodle Fun Tips:

Lime Green Nekdoodle

The Nekdoodle® is a multifunctional flotation device that can be used in numerous ways to enhance your swimming experience. The creators of the Nekdoodle®, Joey Zucchelli and Debra May wanted some type of cushion and support that would allow for floating and swimming laps hands-free around the pool. That idea became the Nekdoodle®. The Nekdoodle® is the perfect flotation device for use in water fitness, recreation, relaxation, and aquatic therapy.

Joey and Debra have rolled out a new line of short videos so people can see the Nekdoodle® in action. They have developed a series of Nekdoodle® Fun Tips Videos. With these videos you can see the Nekdoodle® in use and also understand all that it is capable of and the benefits to having a Nekdoodle® of your own. Here is a rundown of the five Fun Tips videos that they have released so far.

Nekdoodle® Fun Tip 1:

You can sit on your Nekdoodle® in the water and it will hold up to 300 pounds.

Nekdoodle® Fun Tip 2:

You can use your multifunctional Nekdoodle® for a kickboard!

Nekdoodle® Fun Tip 3:

Your Nekdoodle® can be used for exercise or relaxation, even in deep water!

Nekdoodle® Fun Tip 4:

You can use your Nekdoodle® under your neck to float in the shallow or deep end!

Nekdoodle® Fun Tip 5:

Your Nekdoodle® can be used in multiple ways as equipment for water exercises!

Nekdoodle® Fun Tip 6:

You can use your Nekdoodle® for an Ab Crunch Water Workout!

6 different Fun Tips videos: Watch all 6 here!

Nekdoodle® is currently working on releasing more Fun Tips videos to help further enhance your experience with this product. You can like us on Facebook for constant updates on new videos and product offers. How do you use YOUR Nekdoodle®? Send us pictures, comments and videos and maybe your tip will make it to our next production round!

Whether you need the Nekdoodle® for water therapy, fitness or just to relax, these videos will help show you how we can help with that. After checking the videos out feel free to contact us to get your own Nekdoodle® today!