Donna Adler (ATRI) and the DVD – Nekdoodle® Aquatic Therapeutic Exercises

Nekdoodle DVD Therapeutic Aquatic Exercises

If you are looking for a unique yet highly effective way to exercise and get fit, the Nekdoodle® Aquatic Therapeutic Exercises DVD may be the right choice for you. Experts have long recognized the benefits of low-impact aquatic exercises, and the Nekdoodle® Aquatic Therapeutic Exercises DVD offers the best of aquatic exercise in a format that is simple, easy to use and very effective.

Produced by a team that included Donna Adler, BA, ATRIC Terri Mitchell, PTA, ATRIC, Lori Templeman and Ruth Sova, MS, ATRIC, founder/president of ATRI, the Nekdoodle® Aquatic Therapeutic Exercises DVD is easy to follow and one is able to apply learned skills and techniques safely and with low impact. The DVD created by Donna Adler and her team has been very well received by the aquatic therapy world.

That is to be expected, since Donna Adler is one of most respected people in the aquatic therapy industry. Donna Adler is an avid professional in the field of aquatic therapy and fitness, and she has been making her mark for more than 24 years. As the owner of Liquid Assets for Fitness, her company has helped men and women from all walks of life regain their strength and improve their fitness through aquatic therapy. With the Nekdoodle® Aquatic Therapeutic Exercises DVD, Donna has come full circle, giving clients a new way to exercise and stay fit.

One of the things that makes the Nekdoodle® Aquatic Therapeutic Exercises DVD so effective is the integration of therapeutic techniques like the aqua stretch and unpredictable command technique into each workout. That makes it easy for aquatic therapists to tailor their workouts to the needs of each client, and easier for you to get the results you have been looking for.

At a full 25 minutes in length, the feature-packed DVD is designed to be fun to watch, easy to use and simple to integrate with the Nekdoodle®and aquatic therapeutic movements. The DVD provides a wide range of exercise ideas to get you started and some great techniques you can use with your clients. The Nekdoodle® Aquatic Therapeutic Exercises DVD also includes charts, film, photographs and voiceover designed to educate therapists on the skills their clients need to develop.

No matter what kinds of exercises you are looking for, the DVD can help guide you and allow you to make the most of an aquatic therapy session. The DVD even includes chapter headings to make going to the right section fast and easy. These chapters include sections on exercises to improve ankle stability, ideas to improve balance while standing or seated, traction for LBP, techniques for improving mobility, postural alignment exercises, trunk stabilization with UE and LE movement, techniques for moving from prone to standing positions, exercises for addressing discrepancies in leg strength and asymmetrical loading exercises.

The DVD also includes exercises for improving the muscles in the lower back, as well as ideas for improving core strength in all kinds of patients. No matter what your clients are looking for, the Nekdoodle® Aquatic Therapeutic Exercises DVD can help them achieve their goals.

In addition to its use as an exercise aid, the Nekdoodle® can also be used as a floatation device, an aquatic collar or both. This powerful form of water therapy has already proven its value in the field, and now you and your clients can benefit from its unique mixture of the latest technology and the most proven exercise techniques.