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Donna Adler (ATRI) and the DVD – Nekdoodle® Aquatic Therapeutic Exercises

Nekdoodle DVD Therapeutic Aquatic Exercises

If you are looking for a unique yet highly effective way to exercise and get fit, the Nekdoodle® Aquatic Therapeutic Exercises DVD may be the right choice for you. Experts have long recognized the benefits of low-impact aquatic exercises, and the Nekdoodle® Aquatic Therapeutic Exercises DVD offers the best of aquatic exercise in a format […]

ATRIC presents Nekdoodle® Progressions with Flotation by Donna Adler, BA

Saturday, 6/28, 2014, Donna Adler, BA, ATRIC will present a poolside class, Nekdoodle® Progressions with Flotation. Experience the Nekdoodle® in standing, sitting, supine, prone and deep-water positions. Donna Adler, BA, ATRIC, is a personal trainer who owns and operates Liquid Assets for Fitness in Phoenix, AZ. She is an Arthritis Foundation Trainer and works with […]