Safe Snorkeling Tips from Nekdoodle®

Snorkeling is a popular recreational activity. Whether you’re on vacation in the Bahamas or road tripping with Florida waters as your destination, a diving mask, snorkel and fins are all the equipment you need to explore and observe underwater life in a natural setting (and get a little exercise in the process!).

Although you may have all the gear you need to start your snorkeling adventure, your preparation doesn’t end there! Depending on where your adventure is taking place, there may be local and private rules that differ from location to location. It is always wise to learn the local knowledge and read any warning signs that are posted to gain more insight to the region and any safety rules. The following tips will help you stay safe while snorkeling.

Make it clear to other vessels that you are snorkeling. Use a bright colored marking float to show boaters that you are in the water below. You want to be seen by boaters going past. The 1NTOWSwim Buddy by Nekdoodle® can help make you visible in the water while you snorkel. When you attach the leash around your waist, the 1NTOWSwim Buddy acts as a bright colored marking float that moves with you effortlessly while you snorkel.


Many state laws require that scuba divers or snorkelers display a flag whenever they are in the water.The “diver down” flag is a square or rectangular red flag with a white diagonal stripe and with wire or other stiffener to hold it unfurled and extended. Visit for more information about dive flag laws.

Be mindful of sea life around you. It can be really exciting to experience sea life in its natural habitat only feet away from you as you snorkel. If you get really eager in the moment to get closer to the different creatures and varieties of coral underwater, be cautious of your actions.

The seas contain animals and plants that can bite you, wound you, or deliver venoms and toxins with fangs, barbs, spines or stinging cells. Coral reefs and the sandy sea bottom may conceal creatures that could be dangerous to you. In addition, you could cause damage to the coral reef if you touch or grab it. If you see larger animals in the water, always maintain a safe distance. Whales, rays, turtles, octopus and squid or large fish can spook easy; some may cause harm to you while they are trying to protect their home.

Always bring a friend. The best rule to follow when snorkeling is to avoid snorkeling alone, and always implement the buddy system. Never go out into the water without the safety of a friend. Overwhelming numbers of snorkeling accidents happen because people go it alone.

Be aware of your surroundings. Make sure that you understand if there are areas that you are to avoid. Always be careful of rocky shores you could get pushed into by the pounding surf, which can easily pick up a snorkeler and cause an accident.

Check your equipment. Before entering into the water it is best to make sure all adjustments to your equipment are completed. Make sure the mask is properly fitted to your face to eliminate leakage. If you have a defogger, use it first before you get in the water. If you’re a novice snorkeler, use a flotation belt your first time, or until you get comfortable. If you’re more intermediate to expert but you still want the option to float, leash up with your 1NTOWSwim Buddy and use it when you want to kick back and rest for a moment.

Remember, always do your research on where you’re going before a snorkeling trip to learn the lay of the land and the local rules you need to know to stay safe. Don’t forget these safety tips and your Nekdoodle® gear on your next snorkeling trip!