Nekdoodle® Introduced on the Latest Fun & Fitness Travel Club Cruise



The Fun and Fitness travel Club has been sailing from ports around the world since 1998 on Royal Caribbean and Celebrity Cruise ships. The club features different water exercise groups and products on some of their cruises, and Nekdoodle® owners and inventors Joey Zucchelli and Debby May were excited to get in on the action during the club’s January 17 Western Caribbean cruise out of Tampa, FL. They showcased the Nekdoodle® during the cruise while having fun and staying fit on the open seas!

The Fun and Fitness Travel Club was created so a group of water aerobics class-goers wouldn’t miss a beat while their local swimming pool was closed. Founders Jim Seely and Cynthia McCluskey, both certified to teach water arthritis classes, created the club to encourage travelers with arthritis to overcome pain when traveling by doing daily water exercises. On their first cruise, Jim and Cynthia had 23 guests. Today, their club has grown to approximately 6,000 members nationwide who cruise with them regularly. Their club includes cruise fare, meals, activities and discounted room rates with no dues to pay.

While on the Cruise with the club, members can choose to take part in various exercise classes including, but not limited to, tai chi, yoga, Zumba, dance and deck walking. Members also get the opportunity to socialize every night at their own private dining tables while enjoying special dietary meals. All of these amenities are included in the ticket price for the cruise.

Daily private water exercise classes are taught by Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA) certified fitness instructors. Different exercises and exercise equipment may be highlighted on different cruises. Joey and Debby, along with their group host, Barb Batson, introduced the Nekdoodle® and demonstrated its many uses. . Barb is a fitness host coordinator for the Fun and Fitness Travel Club and has been an AEA fitness instructor since 1995.Different fitness host coordinators often host groups of people from their hometowns on some of the cruises. On the Fun and Fitness Travel Club website, you can watch a testimonial video, view more of photos of all the fun members had on previous cruises and receive updated information on upcoming cruises.

People go on cruises every day, but do they benefit from those cruises in the right way?Have you heard people come back from cruises and say they ate so much and drank so much they feel like they gained weight while they were out to sea? Maybe you’ve had a friend tell you they need a vacation after their vacation! These won’t be statements you make after a cruise with the Fun and Fitness Travel Club. Go on a cruise with this club and you will return toned, tanned, refreshed and healthier than you were before!