Nekdoodle® Swim Collar Uses

Nekdoodle® Characteristics


Every pool needs a Nekdoodle®…..or 5!!! I don’t want to swim without mine!

Tammy G / A Customer

I’ve lost 85 lbs by exercising daily with my Nekdoodle®. I never leave home without it! I love the Nekdoodle®!

Earl A / A Customer

Awesome! Fun to use…very comfortable…now I’m able to swim with no problem on my back. Great for kickin’ it in the pool!

Anthony Z / Wounded Warrior 😉

I love my Nekdoodle®. Great for my workouts and fun to relax with in the pool.

Louise C / Breast Cancer Survivor

I know that aging doesn’t necessarily mean one is less fit. We incorporate the Nekdoodle® in aquatic workouts…can also do pinwheels and Watsu moves with it. The Nekdoodle® is fun & versatile, more pliable than we expected!

Pauline & Luis V / AEA Professional Aquatics Specialists

I just want to say how much I LOVE this Nekdoodle®!! I have shown it to all my swim moms!

Cathryn R / Learn To Swim Instructor

Nekdoodle® Water Aerobics

Therapeutic Benefits

Apart from a Swimming aid Nekdoodle has therapeutic benefits.

Nekdoodle® Recognitions

Deb and Joey receive ‘Aquatic Therapy Dolphin Award‘ for Nekdoodle.
Since 2011 Nekdoodle has received many recognitions.

  • Year-round events equipment supplier for Aquatic Therapy & Rehab Institute (ATRI)
  • Year-round events equipment supplier for Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA)
  • Nekdoodle® approved as authorized equipment provider for the Arthritis Foundation

CARI recommends Nekdoodle® as swim equipment.

Recommends Nekdoodle® as ‘Arthritis Aquatic Essentials’.

Nekdoodle® is one of the partners of NDPA

Nekdoodle® featured in Pool and Spa News

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Over 100+ Uses of Nekdoodle®

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  1. Aquatic Flotation Device
  2. Cushions the head
  3. Supports the neck
  4. Uses:
    1. Water Fitness
    2. Recreation
    3. Relaxation
    4. Aquatic Therapy
    5. Float Tank Therapy
  5. Endless versatility:
    1. Group Fitness
    2. Small Group Programming
    3. Backyard Pool Exercise
    4. Personal Training
  6. Multifunctional:
    1. Flotation – Vertical or Horizontal
    2. Kick Board
    3. Resistance
    4. Standing
    5. Seated
  7. Improves:
    1. Balance – Trunk stability
    2. Core muscles
    3. Hand Eye coordination
    4. Functional drills cardio variations
  8. Year-round equipment supplier – AEA
  9. Year-round equipment supplier – ATRI
  10. Equipment supplier Aqua Dynamics Institute-Japan
  11. Ageless: 4 to 94
  12. Lightweight; weighs less than 1 pound
  13. Assists with increasing circulation, balance, posture, and flexibility
  14. Support up to 300 lbs
  15. Size 15” x 16”
  16. Horseshoe shape
  17. Convenient to take to:
    1. The pool
    2. The beach
    3. The gym
    4. The lake / river
    5. On vacation
  18. Fits easily into a tote bag
  19. Made of soft, durable vinyl-coated foam
  20. Lead & Phalyate Free
  21. Permanently Buoyant
  22. Easy to clean
  23. UV protected
  24. Salt & chlorine resistant
  25. Assortment of Colors / Designs
    1. Blue
    2. Yellow
    3. Red
    4. Hot Pink
    5. Lime Green
    6. Purple
    7. Blue with Dolphin design
    8. Yellow with Hibiscus Flower design
    9. Pink with Plumeria Flower design
    10. Purple with Plumeria Flower design
    11. Lime Green with Sea Turtle design
    12. Metallic Bronze with Sea Turtle design
  26. Protects the head when you bump into the side of the pool
  27. Spa pillow
  28. Sunbathing pillow
  29. Bath tub pillow
  30. Kneeling pillow (gardening)
  31. Chair cushion
  32. Stadium cushion
  33. Boat cushion
  34. Airplane cushion
  35. Won’t snag your swimsuit when sitting on edge of the pool
  36. US Design Patent
  37. Canadian Registration No.
  38. European Patent No.
  39. Nekdoodle® is a Registered Trademark
  40. Utility Patent pending
  41. Mobility Patent pending
  42. 1 side smooth
  43. 1 side convoluted
  44. Can be customized (logo)
  45. 1 size fits most
  46. Allow swimming/floating hands-free
  47. No constriction around the neck
  48. Can perform seated aquatic exercises
  49. Water fitness equipment
  50. Water aerobics equipment
  51. Aquatic therapy equipment
  52. Swim training aid
  53. Material is soft & pliable
  54. Therapy collar
  55. Fun to squeeze
  56. Professionals in Aquatic Therapy
  57. Professionals in Water Fitnessd
  58. US Swim School Instructors/Students
  59. Senior Wellness & Fitness Programs
  60. Recreational Swimmers
  61. Boating Enthusiasts
  62. People at Resorts
  63. People on Cruises
  64. Any pool or spa owner
  65. Sporting goods store owners
  66. Wounded Warrior Rehab Programs
  67. Ocean Enthusiasts & Beachgoers
  68. Hospital & Aquatic Rehab Therapy
  69. Tri-athletes
  70. Open water swimmers
  71. Stand-up paddleboarders
  72. Snorkeling
  73. Swim Moms
  74. Easy on & easy off
  75. No chin strap
  76. Keeps one’s ears out of the water
  77. Keeps the face / nose out of the water
  78. Same material as Lifeguard Rescue Tubes
  79. Nothing to blow up
  80. Used in PITAYO
  81. Used in Aqua Stretch
  82. Used in Aqua Relax
  83. Made in Dominican Republic
  84. User Friendly
  85. Fun to use / makes people smile
  86. Foam is closed cell – still functional with a tear or rip in the vinyl
  87. Unique novelty item
  88. Durable
  89. Economical – lasts more than 1 season
  90. Material won’t clog pool filters like Styrofoam floats can
  91. Customizable – colors / logos / designs
  92. DVDs available for exercise, backyard pool and aquatic therapy
  93. Photo galleries highlight its many used
  94. Award winner:
    1. Named one of “Top 50 Water Safety Products for Kids and Families” by Safe Sound Family
    2. Dolphin Award – Aquatic Therapy & Rehab Institute
  95. Testimonials from industry experts
  96. Memorable name
  97. Beach Accessory – drink cup holder
  98. Float Tank Accessory
  99. Sunburn protection when worn around the neck
  100. Comfortable to wear
  101. Makes Sense Every Time You Swim!