Vacation with Nekdoodle®

Yellow Solid Nekdoodle

With the winter season upon us, jackets, hats, and boots have suddenly replaced swimsuits, cover-ups, and flip-flops. But don’t be too quick to stash away your Nekdoodle® for next summer! While cooler weather presents a refreshing change, the quickly dropping temperatures leave most of us envisioning ourselves in a tropical paradise on a balmy beach. When preparing to set sail on the cruise ship or board the plane for your warm winter vacation, don’t forget to pack your Nekdoodle®!

We can all likely agree that one of the only downfalls of going on a vacation is packing for the trip. Weight restrictions limit the amount of belongings you can bring on flights and oversea voyages, and checking additional bags tends to cost extra. Consequently, the typical packing process includes sitting on suitcases to force the zippers closed and adjusting and readjusting the contents to allow for more space.

The conveniently lightweight and compact design of the Nekdoodle® allows for easy transport in a suitcase, carry-on, or tote bag. Weighing less than 1 pound and with dimensions of just 15 inches by 16 inches, the Nekdoodle® lays flat and takes up little space. The Nekdoodle® can even act as a head or neck cushion on long plane or car rides.

Whether you are staying at a resort or camping lakeside in the wilderness this winter, your Nekdoodle® is an item you are going to want to have handy. Its vinyl-coated foam makes the Nekdoodle® an ideal float, toy, and swim aid that won’t break apart in the pool, like styrofoam ones can, and will allow you to float or swim hands-free. Enjoy vacation adventures like boat trips, kayaking, or canoeing by using your Nekdoodle® as a seat or back cushion to stay comfortable on these sometimes lengthy excursions.

As the holidays roll around and snowbirds travel to escape the mainland, Hawaii becomes one of the most popular winter destinations. Since this time of year is also at the height of whale season, tourists flock to the islands at nearly the same time the humpbacks migrate from the cold waters of Alaska. Boat tours and snorkeling excursions offer some of the best whale watching experiences in the world, and the warm waters are enjoyed by the visitors and the wildlife alike.

Hawaiian culture is especially tied to the ocean as it was used for resources and physical and spiritual sustenance in the everyday lives of the natives. If you have plans to visit the beautiful, serene islands and revel in the restoring sea, be sure to bring your hibiscus, sea turtle, or dolphin patterned Nekdoodle® along.

Even though winter weather is here, your Nekdoodle® is still as resourceful as ever. No matter where you may choose to hunt down the heat this season, remember to make the most of your vacation by packing your Nekdoodle® and by engaging in the culture of the places you visit. Before you set out on your journey, visit our website to find your perfect vacation Nekdoodle®! Share you pictures with us of you and your Nekdoodle® on vacation on our Facebook page!