COREssentials for Water Exercise DVD by Laurie Denomme

aquatic exercise

If you enjoyed Laurie Denomme’s COREssentials for Water Exercise course at the 2015 International Aquatic Fitness Conference, or if you missed out on the fun, we have good news for you!

Laurie’s newest revolutionary WECOACH program is now available to instructors, participants, and fans at anytime, anywhere with her COREssentials for Water Exercise DVD. In the DVD Laurie suggests customizing exercises according to participants’ physical demands and personal goals. She first breaks down the moves to give individuals the opportunity to learn it. Then, with quality, safety, and success of the movement in mind, the individuals can physically accomplish the exercises, working to perfect the motion as they go. Once the participants have given it a go, Laurie advises empowerment through education and music to cultivate body awareness and to improve motion.

Throughout the video, practice of the CORE system strategies is emphasized and delivered in a way that is understandable and easily integrated into the exercises as Laurie reminds viewers to:

Connect the brain, body and spirit through 3D movement

Optimize movement efficiency by treating everyone as an individual

Reduce pain and stiffness while improving strength and stamina

Empower clients to use buoyancy and resistance to get results

By featuring Nekdoodle, the DVD also highlights the power of 3D positioning and presents demonstrations similar to the bonus segment of the course offered during IAFC. Viewers learn how Nekdoodle acts as a multi-functional flotation device, taking advantage of buoyancy and resistance in the water and working to enhance the movement process. Nekdoodle also delivers substantial support and can be used in various body positions, which plays a large role in expanding physical capabilities. It’s the perfect tool for focusing on specific muscles and joints, helping to achieve an ideal range of motion.

The simple movement strategies and practices featured in the video give viewers the opportunity to learn how to develop countless exercises that will improve everyday life by reducing chronic pain and stiffness and increasing strength, stamina and balance. Whether you’re an aquatic exercise professional or a beginner eager to get started, COREssentials for Water Exercise offers an innovative exercise experience that delivers results that matter. We highly recommend you get your DVD today! You can find Laurie Denomme’s COREssentials for Water Exercise right on the Nekdoodle website!