With the 2015 International Aquatic Fitness Conference being held this May, there is much to look forward to in the realm of water exercise! Highly respected international instructor Laurie Denomme will debut her newest WECOACH program, COREssentials for Water Exercise, which features groundbreaking techniques.

Given that she has a 25-year background of aquatics knowledge and involvement, Laurie’s expertise has been disclosed in magazines like Self and Weight Watchers as well as educational manuals like the Aquatic Fitness Professional Manual by the Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA) and Aquatic Exercise for People with Parkinson’s by the American Parkinson Disease Association. Her talents have also been recognized through awards like the 2013 AEA Global Aquatic Fitness Professional Award and the 2014 ATRI Tsunami Spirit Award.

Given her concern with and dedication to the health and wellbeing of the public, it comes as no surprise that participants of Laurie’s workouts have been nothing short of wowed.

“I’ve been participating in workouts with Laurie for over a year and it’s been a miracle! After suffering a serious fall, injuring my back, shoulders and knees, I wasn’t able to sleep in a bed, much less get out of one. Walking was too uncomfortable. After just a few weeks, my balance improved and as the workouts progressed, I noticed simple things like bending, getting up from a chair and getting out of bed had become much more comfortable to do. I appreciate the opportunity to say thanks for helping me get my life back!”

– Ann from Bradenton, FL

Laurie’s goal is to help people feel better, live better, and MOVE BETTER! Her COREssentials for Water Exercise education course for professionals focuses on fitness that accommodates the needs of all participants by approaching motion with this cutting-edge system:

Connect the brain, body and spirit through 3D movement

Optimize movement efficiency by treating everyone as an individual

Reduce pain and stiffness while improving strength and stamina

Empower clients to use buoyancy and resistance to get results

By integrating these philosophies into the program, Laurie works to develop and expand participant comprehension of aquatic movement as it relates to real life movement

A BONUS segment to the COREssentials for Water Exercise course at IAFC will feature how to apply this philosophy using the Nekdoodle®.Learn how to use the Nekdoodle as a multi-functional device to improve the physical capacity of each link in the movement process.Simple changes to body position can have a big impact, so by offering ample support and allowing for a variety of body positions, Nekdoodle® aids in accentuating targeted muscle and joint groups, generating optimal range of movement.

Whether you are new to aquatics or a water exercise veteran, you will find great aquatic fitness solutions with Laurie Denomme’s newest WECOACH program, COREssentials for Water Exercise. Learn more at the 2015 International Aquatic Fitness Conference or by visiting