ATRI® 2014 National Aquatic Therapy Conference Scholarships Available!

Nekdoodle® is a proud supporter of the 2014 National Aquatic Therapy Conferences, presented by ATRI® (Aquatic Therapy and Rehab Institute), which are currently underway! The conferences offer Featured Specialty Certificate Programs at each site, general education courses related to aquatic therapy, and great networking opportunities! The ATRI® Certification Exam is also offered at each conference location.

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ATRI® and the Jalkanen Foundation offer full and partial scholarships for education in aquatic therapy or rehab at the National Aquatic Therapy Conferences. According to the ATRI® website, scholarships are given to aquatic therapy practitioners who, for some reason, would not be able to attain needed continuing education in order to stay in the field of aquatic therapy and rehabilitation. This may be due to special needs, being single parents, having experienced physical or emotional trauma, or other special circumstances. The scholarships will help practitioners get education so they can continue to serve others.

September 18-21, ATRI® will be in Washington, DC. The Featured Course is “Tackling the Lower Leg and Foot: Rehab for our Functional Foundation.” Additional courses include:

  • Intro to Aquatic Therapy and Rehab
  • Beyond the Basics of Ortho
  • Hip and Back Specialty Certificate Program
  • Ai Chi Certification
  • Equipment for Post-Op Patients
  • Aquatic Warrior Specialized Programming
  • Complex Shoulder Solutions
  • ACL Rehab
  • Ai Chi for Multi-Level Fusions and Scoliosis
  • Functional Core Balance
  • Corrective Core
  • And More!

November 13-16, ATRI® visits Chicago, IL offering the Featured Course “AquaStretch™ in the Home Exercise and Group Setting.” Other topics covered include:

  • Aquatic Warrior Basic Course
  • Power Balance for Healthy Aging
  • Innovative Exercises for the Hip
  • Joint Replacement Rehab
  • Improving Ai Chi Outcomes
  • ATRI Certification QuickPrep
  • Stop Seated Stress with Integrated Core Training
  • And Several Others!

If you are available and interested in becoming a part of the 2014 National Aquatic Therapy Conferences but are worried about tuition expenses, don’t let your worry hinder your opportunity to become a part of this great educational and networking experience. Scholarships are still available to help new registrants. If you’d like to learn more, visit and click on “Articles of Interest.” Scroll to the bottom for the “Scholarship Application” link, download the form and follow the submission instructions for consideration.

As always, Nekdoodle® encourages you to enjoy happy, healthy and safe water recreation!