Turn Up the Thrill of Water Sports with Nekdoodle®

Spring is the season of flowers, fresh air, and of course, water sports! Whether you are on a board, on a boat, or diving into the water head first, having your Nekdoodle® handy is a must. With its wide range of uses, the Nekdoodle® introduces an additional element of fun and protects your safety, allowing you to take your favorite aquatic activities to a whole new level.

Sports in general constitute great action and thrill, and inevitably with that kind of thrill comes the pesky presence of danger. Add a large body of water to the

mix, and you have just enough thrill and danger to call for caution. When you are at the beach, on the lake, or near the pool and your Nekdoodle® is within arms-reach, you can rest assured. Nekdoodle® was voted one of the best water safety products for kids and families in 2014. Its vinyl coated foam structure is buoyant and durable, supporting up to 300 pounds.

Already knowing you are safeguarded on the water leaves you to focus on the fun. It does not matter if you are riding the rapids in a kayak, drifting down the backwaters in a

canoe, or navigating against the currents on a paddleboard, the journey is always most enjoyable when you are comfortable. Unfortunately, they don’t make kayaks, canoes, or paddleboards like luxury cars with leather reclining seats, but you can create the next best thing with your Nekdoodle®.

While pliable, making it an ideal seat or knee cushion and backrest.sturdy, the Nekdoodle® is also soft and If you do happen to adventure on a more luxurious vessel, such as a boat, or if you prefer to stay poolside, Nekdoodle® ocean, or pool, or make a splash using your Nekdoodle® as a kickboard or toy.

On the days that you would rather stay dry and soak up all the action (or sun!) from afar, your Nekdoodle® can function as a seat cushion for your chair, the bleachers, or the pool deck, or as a head and neck rest while you sunbathe. Don’t forget to stay hydrated while having fun. We love to use our Nekdoodle® as a floating beverage holder so that refreshing hydration is always right at our fingertips!  Relax and float hands-free in the lake.

Not only does Nekdoodle® incorporate safety and fun into water sports, but it is convenient as well. The Nekdoodle® is UV protected, salt and chlorine resistant, and easy to keep clean. Its compact and lightweight design also makes it perfect to pack on the go. Measuring only fifteen inches by sixteen inches and weighing just one pound, the Nekdoodle® fits easily into totes, backpacks, and duffle bags.

Next time you prepare for a swim meet, pack the family up for a boat trip, or lug the kayaks down to the water, don’t forget to turn up the thrill with your Nekdoodle®! Visit https://nekdoodle.com to get yours today! Nekdoodle® Makes Sense Every Time You Swim!