San Joaquin County’s Lifestyles Magazine is a Society of Support

Red Nekdoodle

It is with great honor and pride that we announce Nekdoodle’s featured article in the June/July issue of Lifestyles, the premier lifestyle magazine for the county of San Joaquin, California. The two-page spread titled “Functional Flotation” highlights the history of Nekdoodle,including our very own Joey Zucchelli and Debra May, as well as details the progressive growth of our product, company, and brand as a whole.

With refreshing local content in every edition, Lifestyles Magazine is the only local magazine in San Joaquin. Since 2011, Lifestyles’ bi-monthly issues have been presenting and promoting everything that makes San Joaquin such a wonderful place, from its thriving restaurants and unique businesses to its outreaching community events and characteristic culture and customs.

As editor of the magazine, Carrie Sass has over 25 years of managerial, marketing, and community relations experience in San Joaquin County. Sass keeps her plate full and still lives up to the reputable name she has created for herself. She produces several community events, such as the Record’s Literacy and Book Fair – Family Day at the Park. Sass is also a board member of the Business Council of San Joaquin and El Concilio. Through her energetic attitude, ever-present smile, and passionately devoted time, Sass has formed an aspiring list and relationship with some of the most outstanding leaders and clients in the region. As proven by its bold design, captivating content, and thoughtful intent, Lifestyles is an exceptional reflection of Sass’s efforts and dedication to the community and everything it stands for.

Not to mention, author of “Functional Flotation,” Charleen Earley, is truly a jack-of-all-trades as well. Earley is a skilled freelance writer, but that’s not all. She is also a publisher, editor, motivational speaker, high school journalism teacher, and wedding planner. And, it doesn’t stop there – Earley also has a knack for generating laughter. Her humor columns “Funny Side Up” have been published in the San Francisco Bay Area for years, and her comedy magazine Funny Business has been accentuating the lives of funny people in America since 2006. Needless to say, her finesse is evident as she writes with nothing but enthusiasm and positivity towards the development and future of Nekdoodle, even adding splashes of keen and entertaining wit here and there.

With such a strong and energetic team behind it, Lifestyles continues to yield nothing but beautiful spreads jam-packed with lifestyle tips, encouragement of local business, and recognition of community endeavors. Don’t forget to check out “Functional Flotation” and all of Lifestyles other stories and issues at!