Nekdoodle® and NDPA Invite You to the 15th Annual NDPA Educational Conference

Drowning is the fifth leading cause of unintentional injury and deaths for all ages in the United States. The National Drowning Prevention Alliance (NDPA) is a non-profit organization with the mission to prevent drowning and aquatic injuries by leading and engaging research, awareness, and policy changes to improve aquatic safety for all people in all bodies of water. By partnering with caring individuals and organizations, NDPA has and continues to recognize and address drowning risks and positively impact the incidence of drowning.

The USA Swimming Foundation, a dedicated NDPA member and past educational conference sponsor, emphasizes the fact that aquatic safety is necessary for everyone, and that even experienced swimmers can fall victim to drowning. Bob Bowman, Men’s Head Coach for 2016 U.S. Olympic Swimming Team and Head Coach Men’s and Women’s Swimming at Arizona State University, has gone to great efforts, specifically raising awareness of the dangers of “shallow water blackout” and how to prevent it.

Shallow water blackout is a silent killer that puts even the most accomplished swimmers at risk. It occurs when there is a low level of carbon dioxide in the body, usually due to hyperventilation after rigorous training. When the swimmer is underwater, carbon dioxide levels slowly rise, but not quickly enough to signal the brain to breathe. Meanwhile, oxygen levels fall rapidly, causing the swimmer to faint underwater, during which brain damage and drowning are immediate, and death is likely.

In a public service announcement, Bowman advises coaches to take the lead in educating swimmers and parents, as the key to drowning prevention is being informed and being aware. That is why efforts made by Bowman, NDPA, and many other advocates of drowning prevention include access to expert information, programs, training, and resources.

One of NDPA’s greatest educational and awareness efforts is their annual conference, which is the leading national conference devoted to the full spectrum of drowning prevention and water safety. This year, the 15th Annual NDPA Educational Conference will be held in Phoenix-Mesa, Arizona from March 29th through April 1st with the theme InVESTing in Our Future. The conference will feature over 50 speakers, presenting on over 40 informative topics that will allow attendees to gain insight on best practices, latest research, and knowledge covering all areas of water safety and drowning prevention.

Designed to offer attendees the best-of-the-best in research, products, education programming, outreach strategies, policy and code, international relations, and networking opportunities. The conference is a great place to grow personally, professionally, and develop life-long relationships and contacts. Nekdoodle® has jumped at the opportunity to do just that as an exhibitor at the conference, aiming to add value to our company in order to deliver the best quality products, services, and information to our customers. Our goal is to expand our knowledge, network, and relay NDPA’s motto that drowning IS preventable!

Nekdoodle® invites you to learn, grow, and raise drowning prevention awareness by joining us at the 15th Annual NDPA Educational Conference. For more information about NDPA and the conference,