Looks What’s New! Introducing The Nekdoodle® Pool Noodle

Did you know that the popular pool noodle that is now the staple of pools, docks, and beaches everywhere was not even originally designed for the pool? Over 30 years ago, a backer rod manufacturer had the bright idea of using the polyethylene foam rods for swimming, rather than for sealing expansion joints in high rises, roads, ramps, and runways. Today, we know that they make for a great time in the water, and now, Nekdoodle® has designed its very own noodle specifically for the pool!

Deluxe Blue Pool Noodle


The Nekdoodle® Pool Noodle is made of the same soft, durable vinyl-coated foam as the Nekdoodle®, so it will not break apart as many of the foam products on the market do – we are all too familiar with the missing foam chunks from common pool noodles, which are often later found caught in the pool filter! Its material also keeps the Nekdoodle® Pool Noodle from absorbing any water, making it permanently buoyant.

One of the best parts about the Nekdoodle® Pool Noodle is that it can be used by all ages for everything from floating and learning to swim to water play and aquatic exercise. The 48-inch by 4-inch structure of the noodle is square-shaped with three smooth sides and one convoluted side, making it easy to grip or rest your hands on top.

Heavy Duty – Ultra Buoyant
Deluxe Pool Noodles

The Nekdoodle® Pool Noodle can even be used in combination with your Nekdoodle®! While the Nekdoodle® supports your head and neck and keeps the upper half of your body afloat, the noodle can be placed beneath your knees, legs, or feet to support and keep the lower half of your body afloat as well.

Similar to the Nekdoodle®, the Nekdoodle® Pool Noodle is easy to wipe clean after each use, which contributes to its impressively long lifespan, it is extremely versatile, and it makes sense every time you swim! Everything you love about the Nekdoodle®, you will love about the Nekdoodle® Pool Noodle. Order yours today at www.nekdoodle.com.