Land Exercises Adapted for Water

It seems that many things can be made better by adding water, and exercise is no exception. Water-based exercises are gaining in popularity, as men and women everywhere are drawn to their many benefits.

Water-based exercises have a number of important advantages over their land-based counterparts. Exercises done in the water reduce stress on the joints, especially the knees and ankles, while preserving the calorie burning and cardiovascular workout that is so important to maintaining good health.

If the gym where you work out does not currently have a pool, they may be putting one in soon. If not, you might want to seek out an exercise facility that offers these water-based exercises.


Senior care facilities and physical therapists have long understood the benefits of water aerobics, and now the general public is catching on and getting into the act. From coast to coast, gyms and fitness centers are adding water aerobics classics and helping people work out and get fit.

Water aerobics provides the same cardiovascular and weight loss benefits of the traditional variety, but with a number of important advantages. Water aerobics does not stress the joints the way normal aerobics can, allowing people who are injured or infirm to exercise without fear. Water aerobics is also less draining for older men and women, making it easier to work out at any age.

Strength Training

You might think that strength training means picking up barbells and doing endless curls, but there is more to the workout than that. A growing number of gyms have been adding water-based strength training to their schedules, and private trainers have been using local pools and scheduling classes as well.

Strength training in the water is a great way for newcomers to the sport to see what it is all about. Whether they use resistance bands, water-filled barbells or a combination of the two, they can build their muscles, increase their stamina and improve their fitness.


Water yoga is all the rage in many parts of the country, and it is quickly making its mark throughout the nation. Yoga enthusiasts in California have been working out in pools for years, and now the trend is going nationwide.

Yoga is a natural water-based exercise. Its focus on relaxation, stretching and low-impact exercise makes water yoga a natural choice for gyms and studios everywhere. Water-based yoga provides the same benefits as the traditional kind, from better breathing control to improved flexibility.


Ai-chi is one of the most popular forms of water-based exercise, and it is quickly becoming one of the most popular classes at gyms and fitness centers from coast to coast. Ai-chi is a graceful and effective form of exercise, similar to yoga but with its own set of benefits for both men and women.

Since Ai-chi is a water-based exercise, it carries the same benefits as other water-based workouts. From less pressure and impact on the joints to greater comfort, working out in the water provides many advantages to land-based workouts. Ai-chi in particular provides a low-impact workout, with its graceful slow movements and focus on deep breathing and control.

With so many benefits, it is easy to see why water-based workouts are becoming so popular with men and women everywhere. If you are already a gym member, check with your facility about adding water exercises to your workout routine. If you have a pool at home (or access to one), you can add these fun water workouts to your daily routine and improve your overall fitness.