Get ready for New Year = New You with the Help of Nekdoodle®

Have you started thinking about your fitness goals for 2017? Time and time again, losing weight shows up at the top of the list as one of the most common New Year’s Resolutions. Make 2017 the year you reach your goals and let Nekdoodle® help! Swimming is an excellent way to stay or get into shape. Benefits of swimming as a form of exercise include: toning muscles, training the body to use oxygen more efficiently, and since it carries low impact, it is also easy on your joints. Not to mention, it’s fun!

Nekdoodle’s® design allows for a versatile range of exercises. Use it as a kickboard to tone your legs and lower abdominals, include it as a prop in your water aerobics routine, or tap into tradition and try Ai Chi, which takes the principles of the ancient art of Tai Chi and brings them into the water.
For more fitness ideas and instruction, check out some of the videos in our gallery, or head over to Ruth Sova’s website for tons of fun and fit routines.
If you are trying to target a specific area, our Movement for Abs & Back Fitness DVD is ideal for improving core and abs strength as well as stability.


Tips of the Trade
When exercising in a pool, remember to keep the water level between chest to navel high. This may vary depending on the exercise. Chest deep water is usually best when working out the arms, while shallower water is preferable for legs and the lower extremities.

Remember to maintain good form, as it can be easy to get off center in the water. Part of the challenge of exercising in water is to use its resistance to build muscle, but it can be easy to let form slide and just go with the flow. Maintaining good form prevents creating bad habits and possible injury.

Buddy Up!

Building a habit takes time, but you can make it easier on yourself if you remember to just have fun! People who enjoy their workouts are more likely to stick with the routine. Using the buddy system can also double your chances of maintaining a fitness regime. Having a support network is proven to increase the chances of keeping a healthy lifestyle. So grab a buddy, or five, and check out the Nekdoodle® 6-pack and get your friends and family involved!
Let the Nekdoodle® be your partner in achieving your fitness goals in 2017! Here’s to the new you!