The Benefits of Water Aerobics

If the weather is any indication, these hot days, cool nights, and occasional doldrums would tell us that summer is here. Summer brings the opportunity for many fun outdoor activities and of course, summer wouldn’t be complete without spending a few days poolside. While you’re at the Tone in Waterpool cooling down on a hot summer day, you can still comfortably get one of the best workouts and keep your body looking good during bathing suit season. The workout? Water aerobics.

You may be thinking, “Water aerobics? Isn’t that just a work out for the out-of-shape and old?” No. While water aerobics sometimes carries with it the connotation of only being an appropriate workout for those demographics, a wider variety of people are embracing aquatic aerobics as an effective means to have a great workout because of the numerous benefits they provide.

Aerobic activity at any level is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. However, aerobics on land can sometimes result in stress and injuries on muscles or joints due to the high-impact nature of the workout. Even a simple twisted ankle or sore knee can set your workouts back weeks, or longer. Water aerobics are a great low-impact workout as they remove much of the stress on muscles and joints and still allow muscles to build and the aerobic work to have benefits. Water provides support and comfort while still allowing for heightened resistance against your body.

Nekdoodle Swimming Pool ExerciseUnlike many land-based counterpart workouts, resistance is significantly higher in the water, as water provides resistance in all directions when working. This resistance of water aerobics is excellent for any individual; it provides a supportive, low-impact workout in the water while offering an environment that is naturally more comfortable. Classes like water PITAIYO, a fusion of Pilates, tai chi and yoga, combine the benefits of traditional exercises with high resistance in the water.

Although older people still do aquatic-based aerobic workouts, pools are becoming more frequently populated by the younger, fitter crowds seeking to get one of the most comprehensive workout options available to them. Fitness clubs are embracing the movement toward water-based aerobic activity. Wellness groups are starting classes like Aqua Zumba and “boot camp” workouts in the water. Companies like SwimEx have also created water exercise equipment, such as underwater treadmills, ellipticals, and cycles. Such workouts and equipment provide an excellent cardio workout, core strengthening, endurance training, and engagement of the whole body.

By doing any type of water-based activity, whether swimming or water aerobics, you are adding a popular and highly-beneficial physical activity to your workout schedule and routine. Here at Nekdoodle®, we often like to recommend that you take a Nekdoodle® with you into the pool for support and comfort. The Nekdoodle® can help you keep your head, arms, or legs above water, freeing you up to focus on the best way to complete your current move in your workout. Are you taking a few laps to kick along and strengthen your core and legs? Prop your head up on the Nekdoodle BlueNekdoodle®. Are you working on some crunches in the shallow end? Keep your head and arms on the Nekdoodle® for support. Do you want to work on your obliques and core by swimming side stroke for a few laps? Prop your lead arm up on the Nekdoodle® so you can focus on your movements. Have the Nekdoodle® handy to complement your water fitness program, whatever it may be.

If you’re looking to hang poolside while getting an energizing workout, give water aerobics a try, and see the difference it will make in your fitness routine this summer!