Nekdoodle® is partnering with Connie Jasinkas, MS, for the 18th International Aquatic Therapy Symposium June 26-30, 2012, at the Sanibel Harbour Marriott Resort in Fort Myers, FL.

Connie Jasinkas, MS, brings over 30 years of experience, passion and humor to her work as an international health and fitness educator. Through her company, For the Love of Fit, she has trained leaders in England, Europe, South Africa, Australia, the USA and all across Canada. Connie specializes in aqua fitness, aquatic rehab and personal training. She is known for sessions that are fun, informative and practical.
Connie will be teaching a class, Nekdoodle® – Uses for Therapy & Exercise, Thursday, 6/28/12, 7:30 PM. Course objectives include observe and participate in the uses of the Nekdoodle® in the pool. Experience the Nekdoodle® in prone, supine, seated and standing positions. Learn sensory, fitness and therapeutic uses for the Nekdoodle®.