Nekdoodle® introduced at the National Aquatic Therapy Conference

Ruth Sova, MS, ATRIC, an internationally recognized leader in the Aquatic Therapy Industry, will introduce the Nekdoodle® at the National ATRI Conference, June 28-July 1, in Sanibel, Florida. Ruth is the founder / president of ATRI and founder of AEA – Aquatic Exercise Association. She received the Governor’s Entrepreneurial Award, the IDEA Outstanding Business Award, the first Presidential Sports Award in aquatic exercise and AEA’s 1994 Contribution to the Industry Award. She educates and energizes audiences with her presentations on personal growth, entrepreneurship, health, fitness, wellness, running a business, and aquatic rehab and fitness. Ruth has authored 15 books.

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The Nekdoodle® will be used by Julia Fettig for Bad Ragaz and Myofascial Release. It will also be used for AquaStretch and aquatic massage techniques. Some seated therapeutic exercises will be done while seated on the collar, and the Nekdoodle® will be used in pairs for upper extremity floatation.

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