Pool Noodles & Neck Floats by Nekdoodle®

Gain Most from Your Swimming Time with Deluxe Pool Noodles

  • Fully Solid, no hollow andLarge size water pool noodles for better noodle exercises, workout and resistance.
  • High Buoyancy: made up of high grade quality EVA foam material
  • Highly Durable, longer lasting vinyl coated
  • Closed cell foam: Water proof. Does not absorb water
  • UV protected vinyl coated with soft pliable material. Way better than styrofoam pool noodles

Heavy Duty Swimming Pool Noodles

Pool noodles swimming in action

Nekdoodle® Pool Noodle is Different

Swim to Accomplish More with Nekdoodle® Water Noodles!!

Swimming pool noodles

Made up of Ethylene-vinyl acetate or EVA foam processed as Thermoplastic which makes it highly durable.

Because of its shape, buoyancy and high grade material, it gives edge over other noodles when it comes to fun (for kids), relaxation, water aerobics, aquatic fitness and learning to swim faster.

Swimming Pool Noodles

Nekdoodle® Pool Noodle

Blue Nekdoodle® Square Pool Noodle


Nekdoodle® Neck Float

Take your Pool Experience to New Level with Award Winner Nekdoodle® Neck Float

Multi-functional Neck Float

  • Use as Swim Collar
  • Use as Head Float
  • Use as Kickboard
  • Use as Swim Board