Unique Design Animal Pool Noodle Pets by Nekdoodle®

Get the Most from Your Swimming and Water Exercise Time with the Nekdoodle® Deluxe Pool Noodle range

  • Solid construction: Larger size water pool noodle for better noodle exercises, workout and resistance.
  • Permanently Buoyant: made of high grade quality foam 
  • Durable: longer lasting vinyl coated
  • Closed cell foam: Does not absorb water
  • UV protected vinyl coated with soft pliable material; will not fall apart like styrofoam pool noodles

Heavy Duty Swimming Pool Noodles

Pool noodles swimming

Animal Pets Pool Toys Noodles

Nekdoodle® Square Pool Noodle is Different

Swim to Accomplish More with Nekdoodle® Water Noodles!

Swimming pool noodles

Constructed from durable poly-vinyl, closed-cell foam.

Its unique square shape, permanent buoyancy and high grade material add to family fun in the water and versatility with aquatic/water exercises.

Square shape with 3 smooth sides and 1 textured convoluted side make it easy to grip and do not strain hand muscles. 

Approved for use by the American Arthritis Foundation.


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Swimming Pool Noodles

Nekdoodle® Neck Float

Take your Pool Experience to New Level with Award Winner Nekdoodle® Neck Float

Multi-functional Neck Float

  • Use as Swim Collar
  • Use as Head Cushion
  • Use as Kickboard
  • Use as Swim Board
  • Use as Float Tank Therapy
  • Use as Seated Flotation
  • Use as Water Fitness Equipment
  • Use as Backyard Pool Fun
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Nekdoodle® 1NTOW® Swim Buddy

Nekdoodle® 1NTOW®  Swim Buddy 

  • Open Water Swimming
  • Triathlon Training
  • Stand up Paddleboarding
  • Snorkeling
Swim buddy

Open Water Swim Aid

  • Allows training and swimming hands free with minimal drag
  • Can be used as a flotation device to aid yourself or others in case of panic, cramps, dizziness, or injury
  • Can be used as seated flotation in the water; supports up to 300 lbs