Blue Nekdoodle

Perfect Swimming Floating KickBoards for Kids

Kids can use Nekdoodle® as..

  • Kickboard
  • Swim board to learn swim faster
  • Swimming board trainer for exercise
  • Learn to swim equipment
Floating with Nekdoodle Neck Float

Adults can Use as Neck Float

  • Nekdoodle supports head & neck while swimming
  • Stay afloat in prone, sitting and many other positions
  • perfect swim board for hand free swimming

Permanently Buoyant
/ Highly Pliable Material

Poly vinyl coated foam, salt & chlorine resistant, UV protected.
Will not lose its buoyancy or effectiveness; Nothing to blow up, will not deflate or break apart or clog pool filters like styrofoam floats can

Use as Head Pool Kickboard

No Constriction Around the Neck.

No Constriction Around the Neck

Cushions / protects head if you swim into the edge of the pool

Kids too Can Use Nekdoodle® Kickboard

Perform Seated Aerobic Exercises

Recognition / Association

Nekdoodle® Float Board Fun Gallery