Pink Nekdoodle® Square Pool Noodle


Everything you love about the Nekdoodle®, you’ll love about the Nekdoodle® Pool Noodle

*48” x 3” square shaped; 3 sides smooth, 1 side convoluted

*Lightweight, weighs less than 1.5 lbs.

*Made of soft, durable vinyl coated foam that won’t break apart like styrofoam products can

*Permanently buoyant; doesn’t absorb water

*Easy to grip or rest your hands on top

*Easy to wipe clean after use



Although this flotation device is great for maximum comfort during exercising or relaxing in the water, you should not use it as a lifesaving device. We also suggest that children be supervised while they use the Nekdoodle® Pool Noodle.


Makes Sense Every Time You Swim!

Pink Nekdoodle® Square Pool Noodle