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  • Supports head and neck while floating – easy on and easy off while in the water
  • As a kickboard, allows swimmers to concentrate on the leg kick – either on the back or on the front
  • Fine-tune technique by encouraging a swimmer to focus on a certain area of their swimming stroke
  • Used as a swim aid in addition to other equipment
  • Can encourage progression and enhance strength and stamina
  • With supervision, can be used with physically challenged kids and adults


  • Used with non-swimmers, kids and adults, in gaining confidence in the water
  • Versatile and can help enhance a wide range of swimming exercises
  • Soft, pliable material – the ‘warm and fuzzy’ of the kickboards; not cold and hard like other materials
  • Permanently buoyant
  • Easy to implement into any existing Learn To Swim program
  • Wipes clean and stores easily



Not suitable for very young children or babies learning to swim as they require a degree of strength to hold. Require close supervision.

This is not a lifesaving device. Do not leave children unattended while device is in use.