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About Us

The Nekdoodle® is the brainchild of Joey Zucchelli and Debra May. Joey, a lifelong swimmer and water enthusiast, searched the market for something to support her head and neck while swimming and participating in water fitness activities. She tried using kickboards and noodles, but found these items provided little support for her head and neck.

What she wanted was some type of cushion and support that would allow her to float or swim laps hands-free. Joey bounced her idea off her friend, Debra, who loved the idea. Debra came up with the name, Nekdoodle®.

About Joey

Joey has worked in the retail and wholesale industries for more than 30 years, most recently as a fashion jewelry manufacturer/importer. She has earned a good reputation in the marketplace for high-quality merchandise, competitive pricing, good customer service, and quick deliveries. Joey’s swimming background includes competitive swimming, coaching a swim team, lifeguarding, and teaching swimming to all age groups.

About Debra

Debra worked in the retail industry for more than 20 years. For the past 10 years, she was the administrator for a nonprofit organization. Debra’s swimming background includes competitive swimming and teaching beginning swimming to children. Joey and Debra have been friends for 18 years and are excited to work together in the Nekdoodle® business.


Contact Nekdoodle® in Northern California for more details about our flotation device company.