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Nekdoodle DVD Therapeutic Aquatic Exercises



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Need ideas for something new to use with your clients?  This is for you.

This Nekdoodle® Therapeutic Aquatic Exercises DVD solves any problem you might have for positioning in seated, supine, prone and vertical.

It integrates therapeutic techniques (such as the Unpredictable Command Technique and Aqua Stretch) to provide you with the best options for you and your client.

This 25 minute DVD is worth having. 

It will give you new exercise ideas to use with your clients.  It includes charts, photos and film with voiceover to educate on many of the skills our clients need. 

This DVD has chapter markers so you can go to each chapter individually.  You’ll find help with:

  • Ankle Stability Exercises
  • Traction for LBP
  • Balance (standing and seated)
  • Mobility Ideas
  • Postural Alignment
  • Trunk Stabilization with UE movement
  • Trunk Stabilization with LE movement
  • Progressions and Perturbations
  • Prone to Standing Techniques
  • Asymmetrical Loading
  • Leg length discrepancy exercises
  • Low Back Concepts
  • Core Options

Nekdoodle® used in water therapy for patients as a flotation device or aquatic collar.

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