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Experience The Power of Floatation with the Nekdoodle

There is no correct way to float. Each person should find whatever position is comfortable. Some people float with  their hands at their sides, some with their hands folded across their chest or abdomen, or behind their heads. You can also use a Nekdoodle if you prefer more head and neck support. Read more about the benefits of using a float tank here.

Why Use the Nekdoodle® In A Float Tank?

  • Provides cushioned head and neck support allowing a person to relax the muscles throughout the body
  • Keeps one’s ears out of the water
  • Most hair is kept out of the salt water
  • Non-restrictive, ease of putting on and taking off
  • Soft and pliable, comfortable to wear

Nekdoodle® Features

  • Permanently buoyant
  • Lightweight, weighs less than 1 lb
  • 15″ x 16″ convenient size fits easily into a tote or gym bag
  • Made of soft durable vinyl coated foam
  • UV protected and salt/chorine resistant
  • Easy to clean

The multi-functional Nekdoodle is the perfect accessory for float tanks and can also be used for water fitness, recreation, relaxation, and aquatic therapy. Its vinyl coated foam is not only comfortable but won’t break apart and clog the filter the way Styrofoam floats can. Its multifunctional appeal as an aerobic kickboard, a swimming pool float, a swim training aid and a spa pillow makes it popular with all ages.

WARNING: This is not a lifesaving device. Do not leave children unattended while device is in use.